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Product Name: XCLP
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Specifications XCLP
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http://www.hongdaxieji.com a.Oil is supplied to all sliding parts of this machine by the hydraulic system for lubrication, reducing wear and prclonging the service life of the machine.
b. The upper platen may automatically cut slowly as it presses down rapidly to the knife mold for cutting so that there will be no dimension errors between the upper and lower layersof the cutting materials.
c. Structural changes during designing of this machine remove the need for the users to worry about possible oil leakage of the machine.
d. External motor and oil pump enable good ventilating and cooling conditions, safety operation and prolonged service life.
e. Setting of the knife mold is rapid, accurate and easy-to-learn.
f. Small motor power results in low power consumption.

XCLP -300 XCLP3-350 XCLP3-500 XCLP3-600 XCLP3-800 XCLP3-1000
Maximum cutting force:
300KN 350 KN 500 KN 600 KN 800 KN 1000 KN
Top board to table distance:50-160mm 50-160mm 55-195mm 50-200mm 50-200mm 50-200mm

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